Innovate Academy All-School Student Uniform Policy

In today’s modern workplace, professional dress attire standards are ever evolving. At Innovate Academy we believe in creating a cohesive look that not only unifies the students, but creates school pride, community spirit and saves valuable education time with an enforceable code. This contributes to a successful learning environment.

Students should look clean, smart, and sharp at all times. Uniform items should be free of wrinkles or major stains. Bottoms cannot have any rips or tears. All items should fit appropriately. All regular Monday through Thursday academic school days will require abiding by our uniform standards.

School-Wide Innovate Academy Uniform Standards

All students must wear an Innovate branded polo shirt or t-shirt Monday through Thursday. These items include Innovate polo shirts, Innovate t-shirts, vests, jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts, and Osprey branded shirts, vests, sweaters and sweatshirts.These items can be found on our Spirit Store website:

Personally Purchased Polo Shirts

Should you choose to personally purchase polo shirts and have them embroidered or screen printed with the Innovate logos, you may only use polo shirts that are black, gray, navy or white. You must go through our Innovate Academy Spirit Store to have logos applied to personally purchased polo shirts. No other items besides simple polo shirts in the approved colors will be accepted. Here is the link for that option:

Options for Bottoms

Bottoms must be clean, professional and modest pants, shorts, skirts or jumpers of your choice. These do not have to be purchased through Innovate, however, there are suggested items available for purchase on our website. Jeans with no rips or tears are allowed.

Leggings, pants/jeans with rips, or skirts/shorts that are shorter than fingertip length are against policy. Students that are out of dress code will receive a phone call home and, depending on the severity, may require a change of clothes and/or a parent or guardian to pick up their student from school.


No hats are allowed indoors. Students may wear beanies outdoors but must take them off as they enter any building.

Cold Weather Days

For the winter months, students may wear any non-offensive large winter coat or jacket. These items will be set aside indoors during learning periods. Students may wear coats outside. On days of extreme cold, students are required to be sent with a winter coat. If they do not have the appropriate outerwear to withstand the elements, they will not be allowed to participate in outdoor activities. Snow boots may be worn into school, however, students should be sent with indoor appropriate footwear.


Students should be well groomed at all times. Students should practice proper hygiene. Hair styles should be clean, neat, and not distracting towards the learning environment.


No wheelie or light up shoes are permitted. No extremely high heels or platforms. During cold months, snow boots are allowed but students must bring indoor shoes to change into.